Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hawaii Subs Observed With Danielson Tool

Why are substitute teachers being observed with the "Danielson Tool" in the Keaau, Kau, Pahoa Complex?

Subs are vulnerable enough.  Why are they being given their "rating sheet" after these observations, just as regular teachers are?  They have not received any "Danielson training" and why demean them further.  Subbing is difficult enough without and administrator or pseudo-administrator such as a "Literacy Coach" standing there checking things off a clipboard list.  Why not offer real assistance and/or friendliness to teachers, instead?

Is there such an absence of data that substitute teachers must now be added in to school data?  Why put even more stress on substitute teachers who do not work under a contract such as regular teachers in Bargaining Unit 05?  This seems not only unethical but also abusive and is an obvious show of power over a vulnerable substitute teacher.